Sunday, April 07, 2013

29 version 5.0

Friday was my birthday.  My 34th Birthday.  I'm fine with turning 34, but it's been a running joke at our house the past several years that I am turning "29 again".  This year, the kids finally caught on.  Jack, ever the stickler with the eyes for detail, started telling people "My mom is turning 29 - version five-point-oh". 

Baby girl turned 6 months old on Friday, too, because - like the BFF's we are going to eventually be (whether she likes it or not) - we share each others' half-birthday.  And she gave me a birthday present of her own by allowing me my first 8 hours of solid sleep in six months.  EIGHT. HOURS. OF. SLEEP.  Booyah - who wants to go Do Stuff? Because I can totally Do Stuff after actual sleep.  Real sleep to a mother with a newborn is like PCP for a normal person. I could leap tall mountains, fly around the room, or... like, fold laundry. Heady stuff.

We had a birthday dinner at home with friends on Friday night.  After 9 months in Denver, I realized we really are making a home here.  A few glasses of wine, way too much food, and even more laughter floated over the evening like so many incandescent bubbles.  Also there were a lot of highly inappropriate jokes, which was - obviously - awesome.  You know you are finding your tribe when an extremely large loaf of Italian bread is equally funny to the entire table.  (My tribe may share a sense of humor with 13-year-old boys.  It was still hysterical.)

And Saturday morning was the first read-through for Listen To Your Mother, Denver edition, which... I don't think there is a way to describe it other than to say that if you are local and you DON'T make it to this event, you will be missing out on something transcendent.  I still can't figure out how I ended up in a room with these people - talented writers, humorists and all-around amazing humans - but I will be forever thankful for the chance to be a part of this.  We laughed, we cried, and even my arm-hairs were tired by the end from all the goosebumps.

It was a nice reminder that life will still surprise me with wonderful things, and great opportunities still lie ahead.  I just have to be ready to go for it when the doors are opened and not let fear keep me from walking through into the next big adventure.  That's a pretty spectacular birthday gift.

So happy 29 version 5.0 to me.


Allie said...

Hey! You've posted--like, a FEW blogposts since I last checked here!!! It's like CHRISTMAS!!!
I'm SO HAPPY!! I can't wait to ready what you've written! Wow. Awesome. I love your guts.

MeL said...

Yeah, baby. I'm Back! Sort of. :) As back as I can be with 4 kids and school and training for a race and... uh.. I really need to see about doing Less. More Laundry, though, obviously, because... Laundry! Never Ends!

I love you, too, by the way. :)